Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday, the last day: high risk, high reward?

So today almost every chaser is playing the Black Hills magic.  We would be doing so, too, if we didn't have to be in Omaha early tomorrow morning.

So we decided to play in the area of plan B, a high risk, high reward setup.

All the ingredients--moisture, instability, lift and shear (marginally) are in place today across central Nebraska, and we are going to play the area.  It's entirely possible that we get a sunburn today, but if storms go in the environment, we will likely be looking at either HP or wet classic supercells.  Low wall clouds and big big hail.  Which we will avoid, naturally.

The Black Hills just got a tornado watch as I wrote this, so it would have been our 4th tornado watch during this week-long trip.

Not that *that* has helped us at all.  ;)

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